We heard on 13 March that our request to central government to call in the 2 – 4 Chester Road planning application has been turned down.

The Government letter is here:


We would like to thank very much:


  • all our members and supporters who supported our original objection and then the ‘call in’ request


  • Castlefield Estates, and particularly Sarah Ramsbottom, for taking the lead and funding professional support


  • the Forum member who prepared images of a possible alternative shape for the development, and


  • our three City Centre Ward Councillors, Joan Davies, Kevin Peel and Beth Knowles, and Lucy Powell MP.

We’ve always thought this site should be developed both to provide much-needed housing and to complete enclosure of the canal basin. But that the developers, Council Officers and the Planning Committee could not see how grotesquely inappropriate these proposals were for the site, and that central Government could not see how approving them flouts and makes a mockery of national conservation legislation – introduced, as it happens, 40 years ago this year –  is truly, truly dispiriting.  As Simon Jenkins wrote in The Guardian only last month “there’s no point in having Conservation Areas if they are not conserved”.


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