All is not yet lost over the 2 – 4 Chester Road development. On Friday 10 February Castlefield Estates asked Sajid Avid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, to ’call in’ the planning application and on Monday 13 February his department confirmed they were considering this request and that, as a result,  had told the City Council not to issue the planning permission until it had been considered. We then wrote the message below to the Government’s National Planning Casework Unit (NPCU) in support of this request.


Central Government can ‘call in’ a planning application – i.e. take it out of the hands of a local authority – if they consider it raises issues of national significance. If they do decide to ‘call it in’  then there’s a Public Inquiry to consider it and make a recommendation to the Government.


The more people who request a ‘call in’ the more likely it is to happen. So if you want this application called in, please write ASAP to the NPCU at saying so.


You could also copy your  message to our MP Lucy Powell at:


You need to quote the planning application reference number 113870/FO/2016 and your postal address. You can either simply say you support the email sent by Castlefield Forum on 13 February or you can put your own arguments forward. But there’s no point in simply saying for instance that you think the development is ugly or that the site shouldn’t be developed at all since that’s just a matter of taste and not planning law.  You have to say why you think the application or the decision on it is of national or more than local importance.


And it would be great if you could copy whatever you say to or


The Government have not given us a deadline but clearly speed is of the essence – we’re talking about days rather than weeks.


Many thanks if you can help.    


Supporting documentation:

Email to NPCU 13 Feb 2017

2 – 4 Chester Road submission Oct 2016-3

2-4 Chester Road Email to Planning Committee 8 February 2017

2-4 Chester Road- Email to Planning Cttee 7 January 2017

Letter Secretary of State – Chester Road

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