Castlefield wins RHS award

Castlefield wins RHS award

Castlefield Forum were invited to attend the presentation event for the North West In Bloom Neighbourhoods Awards at Southport on the 20th of October.  Carol Middleton attended along with Tina Mullen from MCC. Castlefield were presented with a certificate for Level 5 – Outstanding Award!

Some background on the It’s Your Neighbourhood Award:
RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood is all about bringing members of the community together to make a positive change to the place they live, work or spend their leisure time. Groups participating in the campaign are judged on:
Community Participation
Environmental Responsibility
Gardening Achievement
While participating groups are not judged against each other, they are visited by environmental and horticultural ‘in Bloom’ experts, who provide valuable feedback and helpful advice on how to develop current activities and encourage on-going improvements. Based on the visit, each community receives an RHS certificate of achievement reflecting how well participants have met the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood aims.
There are five levels of achievement in the campaign:

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