We need to let you know about a very important event, which will help shape the future of the Forum and of Castlefield. But… you can only do that if you can make it to our meeting and social event!


Due to the lack of quorum at the last Forum, we’re going to hold another Special General Meeting to ask for your help to push for charitable status.


Rather than hold this as a sit-down formal meeting, instead we’re combining the meeting with a social to give you the chance to meet other Forum members, enjoy a drink and a nibble, and meet the Action Groups who are always on the lookout for extra talent!


Did we mention free welcoming drink and pizza?


The formal bit (we need to say this): 


This is formal notice that there will be a Special General Meeting of Castlefield Forum at 7:30pm Monday 13 November 2017 in The Gallery, Dukes 92, Castle Street, Castlefield


The SGM will be asked to consider and vote on recommendations from the Forum Committee that the Forum should:


  • apply to the Charity Commission (CC) to become a Charitable Incorporated Association (CIA), i.e. a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable status
  • adopt the attached constitution based on a model recommended by the CC
  • agree that current Forum Committee members who wish to do so should become founding Trustees of the CIA
  • agree that once the proposed constitution has been agreed by the CC, elections should be held for additional Trustees.


Background information

Last year the Forum’s independent auditors advised us that that our current ‘unofficial’ status was inadequate for the level of funds we now handle and that we should adopt a more formal structure. We then took further specialist advice and on the basis of this,  the Forum Committee decided to recommend to the Forum that it should apply to the Charity Commission to become a Charitable Incorporated Association (CIA). This recommendation needs to be agreed by the Forum at a Special General Meeting or AGM which would also need to adopt the model constitution recommended by the CC.


In practical terms the new constitution means the Forum becomes a charitable organisation and Committee members become Trustees of the charity.


Our proposed new constitution are attached. We’re sorry this is a bit of a dry read but the CC is most likely to agree it if it’s based on their model.


We will of course be happy to answer any questions on the proposed constitution at the SGM. However, if you have any queries in advance of the meeting, please email our Chair, Carol, at and we will do our best to respond and provide any necessary background information.

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