Our Castlefield Our Timeline

W orking with a host of partners, we’ve been gathering the stories that best reflect, we’re helping to gather the stories that best reflect the culture, environment and industrial heritage of Castlefield. They’re going to inform the design of a bespoke timeline that will be a central feature of a series of works to renovate the Roman Gardens, in a way that celebrates and respects the area’s unique characteristics.

All the stories shortlisted have been suggested by people connected to the area. Now, we’d like you to vote for your top 5 from each category so we know which we should definitely include.

We’re keeping this an open process, so if you have more info, photos or memories relating to these or other stories about Castlefield, or if you’d like to find out more about the project, we’d love to hear from you.

Email: survey@ourcastlefield.co.uk

Closing Date: 11th June

Please select your five favourite stories from the strands bellow.

Culture & Lifestyle

Science & Industry

Environment, Architecture & Place