Parking Permits Explained

The off-street scheme is available for all city centre residents , eligibility for an on-street parking permit is subject to a number of criteria . These are :

Proof of car ownership  ( v5 document ).
Proof of residency within the city centre.
The block in which the resident resides must have no off-street parking provision.
The property in which the resident resides must have been constructed before December 31 2004.

For off street parking please call NCP on 0161 817 8900

Times of operation

All bays are currently available free of charge, to all city centre users, outside of the controlled parking zone hours, i.e. before 8am and after 6pm Monday to Saturday and all day Sunday and bank holidays.  The permit, in addition to the above, will allow you to use a parking bay:

·        On any weekday for the first and last hours of the current controlled parking zone hours, i.e. between 8am and 9am and between 5pm and 6pm
·        And all day Saturday 
·        Permit A – allows parking in any pay and display parking bay within all three Zones.
·        Permit B – allows parking in any pay and display parking bay within Zones 2 and 3.
·        Permit C – allows parking in any pay and display parking bay within Zone 3 only.

Pay and display ticket machines will list which permits are valid in the bays it serves.
Terms and Conditions

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to apply for their new permit at least two weeks before the old one expires.  Proof of vehicle ownership and residency or company address is required for each permit renewal.  Permits are not transferable as they show the registration number of the vehicle for which they are issued.   Any change of vehicle or loss of permit must be reported immediately to Street Management Services.

If you move house or change your vehicle you should let us know immediately by contacting Street Management Services.  Permits must be displayed when the vehicle occupies a parking place during the restricted times. Failure to display a permit may result in the issue of a parking ticket.   Also if you are not correctly displaying a current permit, you are likely to receive a parking ticket.  Any misuse of the permit will result in the permit being withdrawn immediately and possible further action taken. 

Blantyre Street is situated within Zone C of the City Centre parking scheme.

The cost of this parking permit is £116 for 12 months.  

 If you wish to purchase a permit please forward a cheque made payable to Manchester City Council together with your paperwork.

Street Management & Parking Services
PO Box 585
M60 3NZ


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