Trains from Deansgate Station

At the August Forum meeting one of our members, Martin Albericci, raised the issue of the small number of trains stopping at Deansgate station. Cllr Marc Ramsbottom said he’d take the issue up with Cllr Keith Whitmore, Chair of the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority.

Here’s their exchange of emails so far.

If you’ve got any comments please respond.


Dear Keith

I am writing further to our recent  conversation about Deansgate  station. The  Castlefield Residents Forum have asked me to raise with you the issue about the use of this station. Many residents in the  vicinity of Castlefield/Deansgate feel that the  station is significantly underused, and that the reason for this is that relatively few trains actually stop at this station. I know from our discussion, that this is frequently because some of the train operators do  not want to stop at this station, and wonder if there are any steps that GMITA can take to increase the number of trains that stop and use this station, which would be of benefit to many local residents.

I have sent a copy of  this email to the Chair  and Secretary of the Castlefield Residents Forum, and I would be grateful if you would kindly let me  have your comments and  thoughts about how the frequency of trains at this station might be  improved.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards



Dear Marc

Thank  you for your email regarding train calls at Deansgate.

GMITA recognises the importance of Deansgate as an access station  for residents in  the Castlefield regeneration area, the Museum of  Science and Industry, Deansgate itself, entertainment and work  locations in the vicinity and, of  course, interchange with Metrolink.

As  part  of a continuous process GMPTE Officers review train stopping patterns, any timetable changes proposed by the train operating companies and the impact on the three stations along the Castlefield  to Piccadilly rail corridor (Deansgate, Oxford Road and Piccadilly) and  beyond.  I am sure that you appreciate that this congested, mostly 2 track, railway presents many operational challenges. Quite simply the demand for train paths between Salford  Crescent, Castlefield and Piccadilly exceeds the available capacity of the  route (a problem that will not be resolved  for some years until the  implementation of the Northern Hub  proposals).

However, I will ask GMPTE Officers to review and monitor the current rail timetable to ascertain of there is any scope for additional stops at Deansgate, without  imposing excessively adverse consequences elsewhere on the  network. However, given the very capacity of the route and the existing  demands of the service, it will be very challenging to develop any workable proposals for additional stops at Deansgate.

Kind regards.



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